What will therapy involve?


What will therapy involve?

Starting Out

  • Before deciding to book a session you are welcome to call for an informal discussion
  • The focus of the first session is listening to ensure that your situation is accurately understood.
  • Your first session also allows you to decide if Dr Holmes is the right person to provide the help you need
  • Should you decide to return for further sessions Dr Holmes usually recommends three or four, to fully begin to address your issues.
  • You will never be obliged to attend or pay for a set number of sessions and you are free to end therapy sessions at any time

Early stages

  • It takes time to trust any new person that we meet, either personally or professionally. This also applies to seeing a Psychologist.
  • It is essential that you feel that you have the time to explain how you feel and that this process is not rushed
  • It may be that simply having someone take the time to really understand your difficulties or provide some helpful information is all you need
  • It is not unusual to feel that things have improved after only a few sessions and many people choose to end therapy at this stage
  • Therapy work may involve discussing how you think, what you feel and what you do

Longer term work

  • As everyone is unique the number of therapy sessions that will meet your needs will differ
  • Therapy may focus on increasing self-awareness, changing unhelpful patterns or developing more effective ways of coping with life’s challenges
  • At regular intervals progress will be reviewed and the focus of future sessions can then be planned.

Ending Phase

  • When you are feeling more stable, in control and coping better you are likely to start having longer gaps between sessions
  • When you are ready to finish you are welcome to book a follow up appointment in a few months time to check in and provide reassurance
  • After this session you can get back in touch at any time should the need arise